Your Brain

Meet your brain: the neuroscience and psychology that gets your brain to work

The Brain – everybody has one but not many people understand how it really works. This is why sometimes people behave in a way you or they didn’t expect or do something that isn’t in line with organisational values or metrics. For most of us our brain is a “stranger” that lives peacefully in our head and runs on “auto-pilot” doing any number of subconscious or semi-conscious things. The good news is you can learn from an innovative workshop to take more control of it, so that you can live a more rested life

This programme will show you how to practically apply insights from neuroscience, psychology and movement therapy to maximise performance and productivity.

The 3hour workshop, will show you how your brain really works. You’ll also use self guided activities to maximise your ability to learn and implement what you learn back at work.

Business outcomes

By completing the workshop you will:

  • Identify aspects of neuroscience to drive your personal performance.
  • Create your own, personalised tools to be more productive and in alignment with your brain psychology and physiology.
  • Recognise how to deal with tiredness, stress and emotional challenges to increase resilience.
  • Improve your focus, and attention to reduce cognitive overload, learn and work better and be more productive.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who would like to be more resilient to the ‘slings and arrows’ of life
  • You, if you have an interest in the neuroscience of your brain and its practical applications at work and beyond

Programme content

  • How your brain works  – introduction to brain physiology and its building blocks.
  • Efficiency, effectiveness and wellness –this will give you practical knowledge and ideas about how to cope with cognitive overload, stress, and tiredness. 
  • Relaxation and  awakening exercises

This programme is drawn from many years of practical experience as well as evidence based research. We practise what we preach so you’ll also experience a brain friendly learning environment to maximise your learning.


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